Located on the Gold Coast, Australia, we provide bespoke creative experiences to a diverse range of clients. Architects, interior designers, property managers and developers worldwide employ our services to create dynamic visual experiences.
We create luxurious real-life versions of projects, for construction, real-time virtual media, developer approvals, real estate, road/rail infrastructure and marketing, helping our clients sell their projects with clarity and momentum. 
We offer quality, responsiveness and unwavering commitment to bring your project to life.
Robert DUkes - Director

Combining an artistic eye, experience and a passion for property, Director of RDVIS, Robert Dukes is unlike anyone in the industry.  With a sense of humour and a strong work ethic, clients  trust Robert and his team to deliver successful projects worldwide, with a smile. 

Roberts background in Computer Game Design and 3D Urban Planning Visualisation makes him an expert in the technology required to create your visual showcase.